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drug rehab centers Ethical appeal can be found in the article. A list of positions held by Koch is given at the start. He has held such jobs as Mayor, written books, and worked in the House of Representatives, drug rehab addiction treatment just to name a few. This list of jobs would make it seem as Koch has knowledge about the topic at hand. With the idea he has knowledge, he gains credibility and trustworthiness by the reader.

Koch also uses emotional appeal, to try and get the reader to agree with him. One story he tells is of a woman attacked in her apartment. Many people hear her cries for help, but no one did anything to help. Koch wishes us to feel guilt here. Guilt that no one would help, and that we would let her killer live.

In the article two stories drug rehab centers of killers who claim to feel guilt alternative drug rehab in the end, can be alcohol drug rehab center found. They argue christian based drug rehab that if they are killed, then we are no better than them. This would anger most readers. To have cold blooded killers compare themselves to others, the moment it hits them they may die.

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